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While we love to travel, taking multiple trips as a family can get expensive. I recently had the opportunity to attend BlogHer, an annual women's blogging conference, in Orlando Florida with my daughter. As soon as children turn 2 years old, they are required to have their own ticket, so no more lap child tickets for me. I had to figure out a way to get us both there and back without breaking the bank. The idea of driving the 8 hours on my own was daunting, but I thought flight prices would be out of the question. My search showed that our total would be upwards of $400, until I found Spirit Airlines. 
Sprit Airlines
Photo Courtesy of Spirit Airlines
About Spirit Airlines
Spirit is an ultra-low cost carrier committed to offering the lowest total price to the places they fly. By unbundling ticket prices, Spirit's total price saves you 30 percent more than other airlines, on average. That's 30 percent more to spend at your destination.
Purchasing Tickets
Spirit Airlines offers Bare Fare pricing. This means your ticket gets you and one personal item (a purse or backpack) from point A to point B. When you purchase your ticket online, you are able to pay only for the additional services you need. Want to choose your seat, check a bag, add priority seating, or get assistance printing your boarding passes? You will know exactly how much each of these add-ons costs before you check out. If the bare fare is all you need, that is all you will pay for! With their Bare Fare pricing, last minute nonstop round-trip tickets for the two of us were within budget.  Each ticketed passenger is allowed one personal item, and I paid to check a large suitcase to hold everything else. Since I was traveling with a child, I was also allowed to gate check a stroller and car seat for no additional charge.
Sprit Airlines
Photo Courtesy of Spirit Airlines
Our Flight
Once we arrived at the airport, we were able to drop off the checked luggage and continue on through security. Boarding the plane was smooth, and no different than any other airline. Spirit adds more seats to their planes to save on cost, so there may be a little less leg room. We did not notice a large difference and I was easily able to get our items under the seat in front of us and have room to spare. Despite our early departure time (6:45am), everyone on board (especially the flight attendants) were attentive and friendly. We paid for a box of assorted snacks because I forgot to pack our own, but the price was manageable at $7.
Follow These Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trip with Spirit Airlines:
  • Pay For Checked and Carry On Bags from the Beginning: If you know you’re going to need a checked bag or carry-on, buy it at the time of booking to save money. You can add a checked or carry on bag later, but the prices will be slightly higher. Know the weight of your checked bag, because Spirit Airlines allows a max weight of 40lbs (other airlines may differ). If you go over the limit, you will have to pay a fee.
  • Pack Your Personal Item Wisely: Each ticketed passenger can bring one personal item included with the Bare Fare (like a purse or small backpack). So, pack wisely and make the most of the space in your bag. Make sure you measure before heading to the airport, because if it is too big, you will be charged for a carry on.
  • Get the Big Front Seat: Spirit Airlines does not have a "First Class" section on their planes, but for an additional fee, you can secure the Big Front Seat. This means you are at the front of the plane and have more leg room. We sat in regular seats on our way down and the Big Front Seat on the way back, and while we were comfortable both times, I would highly recommend purchasing the latter if it is within your trip budget.
  • Print Your Boarding Pass at Home: Save money and print your boarding pass at home. It costs you $10 to print at the airport.
  • Refreshments: To save money, Spirit Airlines has eliminated "free" on flight food and beverages. I mean, do you really want to have your neighbor's Coca-Cola factored into your ticket price when you brought your own? You can purchase items from the flight crew while on board. Instead, bring and empty water bottle and fill it up after you go through security. You can also pack your own snacks.
  • Buy Travel Insurance: There are no refunds if your plans change, so make sure to purchase the insurance just in case an emergency comes up.
  • Join the $9 Fare Club: For just $59.95, Spirit Airlines offers a $9 Fare Club, which gives you access to exclusive travel deals and special bag prices. In some cases, you will make that money back in one flight purchase.
Book your tickets with Spirit Airlines today, and add "more go" to your adventures.
Spirit Airlines Route Map
Photo Courtesy of Spirit Airlines
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