Making Meaningful Memories Through Travel

Did I close the garage? Who turned off the light in the kitchen? Was the computer still on when we left? Why do I feel like I forgot something?... Who doesn't have worries like this cross their mind when they leave for vacation? I know I certainly do! But the worries quickly fade away when I think about all of the fun we will be having. With two little ones in tow, it does not seem to matter where we go, we always end up finding the fun! We love to travel as a family because it helps us connect and make lifelong memories. Whether it is to see a friend, our family up North, or a nearby hot spot, my family and I are always ready to hit the road (or the air if that is the case). Even though they are only 5 and 1, both of my little ones are seasoned travelers who are used to being in the car or on an airplane. I am not one to be satisfied sitting around at home, I want my children to experience the world. Nothing bonds a family together like taking them out of their comfort zone, getting them to #TravelforReal, and having them be together 24/7 for an extended period of time. With no school, homework, meetings, or yard work to distract us, we always learn more about each other on vacation. Sharing laughter, tears, excitement, and even anger has taught me that every member of my family is strong and independent, but we are all still complete opposites in many ways. We have visited Orlando, Florida before; but we always go specifically to see "the mouse." This time, we wanted to try something different and visit Universal Studios with #FamilyForward. Knowing what we know about theme parks and hotels, we were ecstatic to be staying at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort with amenities the whole family can enjoy: pools, character meet and greets, early access to the parks, and so much more! This time, preparing for our trip really brought us together even before we began our traveling journey. Every night, my son and I read a chapter of Harry Potter (a favorite series of mine) and shared in the excitement and magic of the world of witches and wizards. We talked about what to pack, what we were most excited about, and even what souvenirs we wanted to come home with. Stay tuned for even more insights into our trip and how you can plan your own. No matter whether you are venturing out of state, or having a staycation down the street, you can always make memories with your family through travel!

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