Bedtime Read & Rhyme Bible Stories

The best part of our bedtime ritual with the kids is snuggling up and reading a good book. Our entire family loves books, and we are always looking for new ones to add to the shelves. The teacher in me is always looking for educational stories that are fun to read and will hold their attention. We were given a copy of "Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories" by Bonnie Rickner Jenson, and illustrated by Robert Dunn, for the purposes of this review; but all opinions are my own. This book is a collection of stories from the Bible, simplified for kids and made into rhymes. The pictures are illustrated with beautiful colors and characters that children will love. It has a built in ribbon bookmark that makes keeping your place easy. Each story includes an easy to say bedtime prayer that even little ones can repeat. Any given night, you will find this book on either Sass or Spunk's nightstand. They especially like choosing which stories we are going to read before bed. These stories help put the daily struggles of life into perspective for kids, and are a great way to send them to sleep knowing how much they are loved.
Book Description
Our God cares for us so much—His love is everywhere! If He sees one heart in need, His love will be right there. When Jesus finds a lamb who’s lost, He sings a happy song! “My lamb is safe now in My arms, Where all My sheep belong!” Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories offers more than 90 stories from the Old and New Testaments told in delightful, rhyming verse, along with Bedtime Prayers that help young readers grasp and apply each message. Tuck in your child with rhyming reminders of God’s great love! Want to snag a copy for your little ones or someone on you know? Get it on Amazon:

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