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I received a pack of TimeTokens to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.

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Technology is advancing every single day, and it can be tough for families to find the right balance. Kids want to see all of the newest shows, try trendy devices, and connect on every social media channel. How do we allow them to have screen time, but make sure it isn't too much? What's In The TimeTokens Box
  • Inside each pack, you’ll find:
    • a welcome note
    • TimeTokens cards
    • 1 Golden Ticket
    • 1 Wallet
    • 1 LCD timer
    • the all important Promise Contract
How TimeTokens Work
  • You and your child agree on the total amount of screen time allowed each week and sign the Promise Contract together.
  • Now your child is in charge!
  • Whenever they want some screen time, they hand over TimeTokens from their wallet, and start their timer. When the timer beeps, that’s the end of their 30 minutes.
When all the TimeTokens in their wallet are used up, no more screen time until next week when their wallet is filled up again… so lots of time for other stuff!
Why We Love It
As my son gets older, he wants to spend more and more time watching tv and playing video games. While it is nice to have some peace and quiet while he does these things, I don't want him on them all day. Every day it became a back and forth of him begging for more screen time and me either giving in or arguing. When I discovered TimeTokens on Instagram, it sounded like a great idea. Giving kids an "allowance" of screen time for the week and letting them take control of time management could solve our problem. We received a set of TimeTokens to try and have been using them for 2 weeks. Sitting down at the beginning and talking through the Promise Contract ensured that we were both on the same page. While he was wary of having a real "limit" for the week, we were both excited to give it a try. Both weeks have gone so smoothly! He hasn't used all of his tokens before it is time to refill them, and we haven't had any arguments. A simple reminder to check his balance has become enough to help him realize that he needs to keep track of how much time he is spending on electronics. I am thrilled to see him choosing activities like playing outside or reading a book over a video game or tv, all on his own. I plan to keep using the TimeTokens to help him learn to manage his time and priorities. Eventually I know this will develop into a habit, and we won't have to be strict with the timer. For now, TimeTokens has helped us regain control of our screen time and get a handle on finding balance.
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