5 Ways to Tame Toddler Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are frustrating, exhausting, and let's face it... embarrassing when they happen in public. It happens to the best of parents and the looks you get can make it hard to bounce back with a clear head. Sometimes toddler tantrums are destructive or last for what feels like forever in the moment. If you are like every other mom out there you wish you could skip them all together. You can't, but you can tame them.
  1. Realize that your toddler's tantrums are part of how they communicate. It's normal. Everyone goes through it and the only ones judging you have never walked in your shoes so they really have no right to judge. When your toddler is screaming and crying they are getting out all of those big emotions that they have no idea how to handle and understanding that is the first key to taming your toddler's tantrums. Turn your focus from stopping your child to helping them cope with all those feelings.
  2. Get down on your child's level and talk to them. Are you in the store and they want something they can not have? Squat down and talk to your toddler eye to eye. Let them KNOW you know how they feel and what they want. Be clear that they can not have the item right now but if they calm down they can later. It is not a lie either. Even things made for adults your child will be able to have later as adults. You are just leaving out how far later.
  3. Check to see if your child's basic needs are met. Toddler Tantrums are much worse when a child's basic needs are unmet. Take a moment to think whether or not your child is tired, hungry, or thirsty. If your child has not had anything to eat or drink in a while, make sure that isn't the reason for the tantrum.
  4. Some toddler tantrums are just seeking attention. Get down on your child's level and give them a bit of attention. Soothe them by rubbing their back and talking gently while they get out all of those feelings. Once they calm enough to hear what you are saying give your child a hug and a bit of reassurance.
  5. Ignore the situation. If your child's tantrum is bad enough to make it where they can not get control enough to reason with you let it go. Ignore your child's tantrum and deal with the situation. Your child will survive crying for a few moments. Once your little one has calmed down, you can address the issue.
So let me hear it, where have your kids had tantrums and how did you deal with it? Do you have a not so proud mom moment or a memorable tantrum tale? Comment below, because we all have those days!

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