Rainy Day Activities To Keep Boredom Away

Everyone loves when winter finally gives way to spring. Until the spring rain comes along, leaving you trapped inside with cranky kids whining that they are bored. This year, be prepared to keep kids busy on rainy days.
Rainy Day Ideas
  • Stock an odds and ends craft box. Kids love to craft and creating something with odds and ends you don't need anymore can help keep kids busy for hours. Be sure to add odd things that will challenge their imagination but don't cost you anything extra like tissue paper boxes, paper towel rolls, and egg cartons are all fun items your kids can upcycle and create something new with.
  • Turn on some music and get everyone cleaning. Why wait till the weather is beckoning to go outside to get the chores done? When the kids start fussing and you need a break from reality, help break the sleepy day up with a bit of high energy running around and being productive.
  • Plan a movie day. Pull out some snacks and a good movie on Netflix and dive right in with some family fun. Plan ahead and have cheap new DVDs the kids have never seen and snacks stashed in a basket to make a rainy day special.
  • Hold a board game competition. Drag out all of the board games in the house and make a marathon of board games. Your kids will remember the day their parents spent the whole day playing different board games with them. If you have enough people, keep a tally of who wins and let the person that wins the most games pick dinner. Have board games without all the pieces? Make the most of it by challenging your kids to make a board game of their own out of the pieces you do have.
  • Pull out the baking supplies and go on a baking spree. Nothing brightens up a gray rainy day like freshly baked cookies warm from the oven. Baking together with your child allows you to make it even more special because you get to spend quality one on one time with them.
  • Have your kids plan something special for others. Create care packages to hand out in the summer to the homeless, make cards for the turps, fill baggies with coloring pages and crayons to donate to the local children's hospital. Killing boredom by working on a project to brighten someones day is a great way to make the day a great memory that will help your child feel great from the inside out.

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