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As a busy mom of two, I feel like I'm always running around. Taking both kids on errands where I need to concentrate is definitely not something I enjoy. A few weeks ago I had to drag both littles to the mall for my annual eye exam and it was just as you would imagine. Sass wanted to touch everything and ask what it all did, and Spunk tried to control and boss her around. It was a wonder the doctor could hear me reading off letters from the chart as they bickered back and forth. So, once I received my prescriptions you can bet I was ready to get out of there. The thought of wandering the store and trying on multiple pairs of glasses was daunting, so we went home and I surrendered myself to wearing the same glasses I've had for 3 years. Typically I wear contacts during the day so I hoped I could get away with using my old scratched up pair. emailed me about trying out their site as a way to order glasses, and I was happy to put it to the test.  The idea of sitting on the computer in my pajamas and being able to browse the wide selection made it so much less stressful. Making decisions is very difficult for me, and I often take forever and second guess myself. glassesusa.comOn, I was able to upload a picture my headshot. The site would show me each pair of glasses on my own face! This allowed me to virtually try on glasses to see how they looked, without having to step foot in a store. The search field allows you to choose shape, color, material, and price. This definitely helps make it easier to narrow down the huge selection. Unlike a trip to the eyewear store, a complete pair of glasses (frames + lenses) at starts at $48, and includes free prescription lenses with every frame. They offer glasses for the whole family, including kids. I looked at the in-house brands and chose the Amelia E. Elise in wine color, which was a bit out of my comfort zone but I love them! The sturdy frames came in a hard shell case and the color was vibrant. If ordering glasses based on a photo on a website makes you nervous, don't be. offers a 100% money back guarantee with a full refund (no questions asked) within 14 days. They also offer a 365 day product warranty. So if you or your kids don't like them when they arrive, you can send them back and get a different pair.
On a mission to change the way consumers purchase glasses, was created on one simple belief: eyewear shouldn’t break the bank. The smart way to buy glasses, allows consumers to purchase eyewear from the convenience of their homes offering a wide variety of high-quality frames and lenses at affordable prices and with no risk.
  • Special Offers - Great offer on the first pair when signing up at 
  • Huge Frame Selection -(over 2,500 styles): in-house brands (Muse, Amelia E.), designer brands (ray-ban, Oakley, tom ford, chloe, Armani, Adidas etc.), a wide variety of frame styles (full rim, half-rim, rimless, different materials), sports glasses, safety glasses, kids glasses, prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, and more
  • Lenses Quality & Variety - Lenses offered are same high quality as retail – and glasses are made by professional opticians at in-house state of the art laboratories. We offer all types of lenses – from standard single vision, through bifocal and progressive lenses, transitions lenses, tinted, mirrored, and also various lenses thickness (from thin to super thin).

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