10 Thanksgiving Movies for the Whole Family

In many cases, Thanksgiving is a day for Football. In the week before the holiday or when your team isn’t playing, pick up one or more of these great movies. Settle in with your family while that turkey cooks, and enjoy family and cuddle time with your little ones! 1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – This is the classic I remember watching growing up and it brings back some great memories now! If you are only going to watch one Thanksgiving movie this year, this should be the movie! 2. Free Birds – Two Turkey’s get together to travel back in time to change the course of history so turkey isn’t on the Thanksgiving menu! This makes for a great animated Thanksgiving movie. 3. Miracle on 34th Street – At the end of Thanksgiving we kick off the Christmas season and the Miracle on 34th Street is the perfect way to kick off the season after everyone has had their fill of food and is entering their turkey comas! 4. Garfield’s Thanksgiving – The world’s most popular cat is back for Thanksgiving and the Vet is the prime guest! What a fun time is on the way! 5. Alvin and The Chipmunks, Alvin’s Thanksgiving Celebration – Alvin and the Chipmunks is a great movie for little kids and even adults can relate to the character from their childhood. 6. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving – Set in high society New York in the late 1800’s. Tilly's mother gets sick, so she calls in her grandmother for help. It’s a great story of a family coming back together. 7. A Walton’s Thanksgiving Reunion – The Walton’s tells the story of a time period of our country during the Great Depression. This Thanksgiving special is set many years later, and is a reunion of the family. There is a great history lesson with this movie. 8. National Lampoon’s Holiday Reunion – We all know the disastrous vacations of the National Lampoon’s family. Well his son is carrying on the tradition in this Thanksgiving celebration. This is a great movie for laughs! 9. The Blind Side – Thanksgiving says football for so many. This movie brings football and family together. It even has a Thanksgiving scene in it, which makes it perfect for the holiday. Keep tissues handy if you have never seen it, it is based on a true story! 10. Addams Family Values – While many people see the Addams Family movies as Halloween related there is a whole Thanksgiving scene while Wednesday is at camp.

What movies do you watch on Thanksgiving or in preparation for Thanksgiving?

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