How to Transform Your Workout from an Obligation into a Passion

Working out shouldn't be an obligation or just one more thing on your to do list. In order to lead a healthy and lasting active lifestyle, you need to make working out a passion. Doesn't sound like something you can do? Of course it is!  The first step is to identify what you really love to do, what motivates you. Then, find a way to make that a part of an active lifestyle.
Love the Water?
Take a water aerobics class, or find a local pool with lap swim hours and do your own thing. No matter your age, there is probably a swim team out there you could join and stay on task too. Adult masters programs are a great way to swim with other people and keep yourself accountable.
Love to Dance?
Sign up for salsa dancing lessons, take a Zumba class, or just turn on your favorite station and dance in your living room for 30+ minutes. You will relieve stress and get your heart rate up. Plus, dancing uses muscles other workouts might leave out.
Love to Run?
Hop on the treadmill, find a trail, enter a 5k...Running might be the type of workout that gives you the most options. You'll get the exhilaration from running, and you can set your own personal goals. If competition is what drives you, train for and compete in a race.
Love to Socialize?
If talking and being social is what drives you, then you are in luck. You can join a group exercise class, find a walking buddy, or catch up with old friends on the phone while you complete a workout. Even if working out isn't your favorite activity, chatting it up will at least distract you!
Love to Read?
Reading may be a quiet and relaxing activity, but that doesn't mean you can't use it during a workout. Grab your favorite book or magazine, and hit the cardio machines. Sitting on a recumbent bike or walking at an incline while reading will get your heart rate up and your muscles moving.
Living an active lifestyle doesn't have to be a hassle. No matter what you love, there is a way to incorporate it into staying fit. Choose one of the suggestions above, or find a way to turn your passion into fitness. You will be happier and healthier in the long run, and a good example for your family.

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