A Missing Treadmill, Illness, and Injury

So, Week 1 of my 15k training went pretty well. I was feeling confident by the end of the week and ready for Week 2. Then it happened, and by it I mean the usual madness.

A cold front hit Atlanta, bring a slew of bad news with it. Poor little Sass developed a cough and was miserable, so I couldn't take her to the gym and I didn't feel comfortable running outside with her with all of the brush fire smoke still in the air. My mom had purchased a treadmill, so I figured I would use it instead. Well, the darn thing never got delivered. In fact, we are still waiting on the delivery company to get it together and reschedule a time. So, there went that plan. I can still run at the gym at night, I thought to myself. Cue an ankle injury to top off the problems. Needless to say, Week 2 was a no go and I am behind. However, I'm not ready to quit. Spunk and I are signed up to run a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving, so the training will resume this week. While it is a daunting hurdle to try to train with both kids at home on break all week, we will just have to bundle up and go for family runs. The kids will need to burn off some energy anyway. Wish us luck on this week's training and the Turkey Troy. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and I will update you about that race on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; as well as in next week's training update!

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