A Word About Water Safety

The high temperatures of summer are just gearing up as we ease into July. That means, we are constantly needing to find ways to stay cool. Whether you are at the lake, a pool, the ocean, or a neighborhood pond, it is important to teach your kids about water safety. My grandmother has had a pool in her backyard since long before I was born. Because of this, my cousins and I all learned to swim at a young age. Water safety and knowing how to handle yourself in and around a pool has always been a big deal in our family. Growing up basically living in the pool every summer, my cousins and I all became strong swimmers and most of us ended up on swim teams as we got older. As an adult, I even became a Life Guard/Pool Manager/Swim Instructor, and was Red Cross Certified in CPR/AED. Some of my best memories involve swimming, whether it was in a pool, at the beach, or on the lake. Once I had children, I wanted to pass on the love of water to my own kids; but I also wanted them to know how to swim for safety reasons. Not long after my first son was born, I started teaching him to be comfortable in the water. By the time he was 4 years old, he was able to swim on his own and started learning stroke and breathing techniques. At 6 years old, he joined a swim team, and began doing freestyle and backstroke competitively. water safety My daughter has also been in the water since she was an infant, and her comfort level is amazing. She was fearless at 2 years old, which was something we had to work on. When kids don't understand the depth of a pool, they don't realize they can't just jump in anywhere. I made sure to sign her up for swimming survival lessons just in case. They taught her to turn over on her back and float in an emergency, or if she gets too tired. but all she wants to do is keep swimming. So, we are currently working on taking breaths when swimming longer distances.
The Sad Truth
Not all children are exposed to water in a safe and fun way from a young age. Some even grow to be adults without ever learning how to swim, or at least how to save themselves if they were ever in a situation where they were drowning or in danger. Too many children and adults die each year from water related deaths, and this can't continue. Below you will find resources on how to obtain swim lessons. This is not a sponsored post, and I am not advocating for one over the other. This is merely a resource so that you can find the right fit for you and your family, and hopefully we can prevent more water deaths. There are so many choices: group or private lessons, free lesson programs, instructors at private and public pools, etc. Find the right fit for your family, and start making a plan today!
Water Safety and Swim Lessons

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