7 Tips for Growing Awesome Tomatoes

Tomatoes come in handy for all kinds of foods and recipes. They are great for canning and freezing and you can use them for the whole year. However, if you don’t treat them right, you may have a hard time getting more than a few tomatoes. So, here are 7 tips for growing awesome tomatoes:
#1 Know The Best Time To Plant
Do some research and learn the best time of year to plant tomatoes outside in your area. For instance, here in central Alabama, the best time to plant is in April before it starts getting too hot. Knowing the best time to plant in your area may be the difference between growing a good crop of tomatoes and no crop.
#2 Prevent Overcrowding
Planting your tomato plants too close together will make it harder for them to grow. This is because tomato plants absorb a lot of nutrients and energy from the soil around them. If you plant them too close together, they will be fighting for nutrients and water. If they are crowded, it will inhibit their growth. Plant your tomato plants about 4-inches apart.
#3 Give them Lots of Sunlight
If you have your plants inside, make sure they are by a window that gets direct sunlight. Your best option is to put them in a greenhouse so they are getting warm, direct sunlight. If you don’t have access to direct sunlight, the best option is to use an artificial plant light. Continue moving the light as your tomato plant grows so the plant continues to grow taller.
#4 Circulate the Air
In order for tomato plants to develop strong stems for holding the tomatoes until ripe, they need to sway in the wind. During summer, wind doesn’t always flow as much. In order to help your tomato stems grow strong, blow a fan on them for 10 minutes twice per day. You can also rub the stems a couple times per day to make them stronger if you can’t get a fan out to them.
#5 Remove Bottom Leaves
If your tomato plants reach about 3 feet tall, it is important to cut off the bottom of the leaves. The leaves on the lower 1 foot of the plant are more prone to getting fungus infections. To keep your tomato plants healthy, be sure to remove any dead leaves as well.
#6 Prune Your Plants
There are lots of little leaves and plants that will grow on your tomato plants. Little leaves in the middle of two big stalks should be pruned and removed. They are too small to bear fruit, but they will take energy away from the rest of the plant, making your tomatoes less or producing smaller than average tomatoes.
#7 Give Them Lots of Water
As with any plant, you need to give your tomato plants lots of water. Tomatoes need at least 1 inch of water per week in order to grow successfully. If you have multiple dry spells, plants may drop their blossoms and their fruit. However, once the plant begins to ripen, you do not need to give your tomato plants as much water.
#8 Don’t Mulch Too Soon
Tomatoes thrive in a very warm environment. They tend to not grow and produce food if the soil is not warm. Mulching too soon can prevent the soil from warming up. This can make it difficult for tomato plants to grow and produce fruit.
Do you have any tips for growing awesome tomatoes? Share them in the comments below!

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