5 Reasons to Get Outside and Get Active

Being fit and healthy is an important part of life. We know there are many different ways to have an active lifestyle (run, walk, join a gym, dance, etc), but not everyone likes the same things. Personally, I need variety in my workouts; because hopping on the same piece of gym equipment every day gets boring and I won't stick with it. This time of year in Georgia, being outside is the best way to keep me interested; because there is always something new to see. The temperatures are moderate and some plants and flowers have already started blooming! Every day brings a new view, so it never gets old. While there are many different reasons to start a running/walking regimen, here are 5 of my favorites:
  1. Destress:

    Going for a walk or a run allows you to have quiet time and get away from stressful situations. I often take that time to think through something that is bothering me and find a solution. I also find that if I let go of my daily baggage during a run, I am able to get to sleep better because I don't have so many things on my mind when I lay down.
  2. Breath & Get Healthy:

    Running is good for you as far as weight loss and cardiovascular workouts go, but it is also great for your body in general. The cool fresh air is great for expanding your lungs. If you are consistent with walking and running, you will build up your endurance and breathing. Bones and muscles strength will also increase with running and walking, as long as you stretch and take care of yourself.
  3. Challenge Yourself:

    Once school is over and we become adults, we are responsible for setting goals and working towards achieving them. There are no teachers there to check and make sure you are staying on track. You may not be able to run a marathon, but you can set goals that are realistic for yourself. Maybe today you can go for a 1 mile walk, and then tomorrow you can jog for part of that mile. If you gradually increase the amount of effort and difficulty you put in, you could register for your first 5k within a few months!
  4. Togetherness:

    Taking a walk or going for a run is an excellent family activity. Take the kids, the dogs, the neighbors, and enjoy spending time together. My family made a tradition of going for a walk together after dinner to help with digestion, and now it has become a great way to talk about our day and plan out the week.
  5. Be a Good Example:

    Being an active parent not only helps you be healthy, but it encourages your children to live a healthy lifestyle as well. When they see you taking steps to be active, they will want to join in. Your neighbors might even come out and start walking/running as well if they see you out doing it on a regular basis.

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