The Strider 14x Sport Balance Bike is Like No Other

I received this product for free from Strider Bikes ( to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions posted are my own.

About The Strider 14x Sport Bike:

The Strider 14x Sport will give your child confidence and riding skills, opening up a world of adventure at a young age. As two bikes in one, it sets a new standard as the best first pedal bike for children 3-7 and creates the foundation for instant success. After your child has mastered riding the 14x as a balance bike, your little rider is ready to pedal. Quickly attach the included Easy Ride Pedal Kit and watch your child seamlessly transition to riding a pedal bike and accomplish this life-changing milestone! Refined through years of prototypes and tested by eager 3- to 7-year-olds, the 14x is truly the next evolution of Strider Balance Bikes. 

Our Experience

We received this bike when my youngest was still using training wheels on her regular bike, and she was unsure of the switch. Since she had already grown reliant on the training wheels, I was glad that we were able to go back and start from the beginning with working on her balance. After only a few tries, she was cruising down the driveway and building confidence. It only took a week for her to learn to coast and keep her feet off of the ground. We decided to let her take her time before we added the pedals, but after less than a month she was ready! When we first put the pedals on, she was still cruising instead of pedaling. Since the first time she put her feet on the pedals after coasting, she has been riding a bike just like her big brother. Friends and neighbors are amazed at how well she can balance and ride without assistance, and I can't believe how easy it was for all of us. No fits, no parents hanging onto the back of a bike and running down the street, no crashes! If I had known how smooth the Strider Sport Bike would make the transition, I would have been singing its praises long ago. If you have a child who is learning to ride a bike, skip the training wheels and get them a Strider 14x Sport Bike. You will get the training tool of a balance bike, along with the ease and convenience of a pedal kit you can add once they are ready.

Price Point

Price is $209.99 with free shipping for orders over $50. This may seem like a lot initially, but when you think about it, this is more than just a balance bike. The Strider 14x Sport Bike starts out as a balance bike that will teach your child and give them the confidence to move to pedaling. Instead of having to go out and buy a new bike, you adjust the seat and handle bars and add the pedal kit. Bam, the kids can feel comfortable and confident on the bike they starting learning on, but with the added feature of having pedals. Change isn't always easy for kids, and what better to give them a little boost of confidence, than a familiar bike? Add in less stress for parents who are trying to teach their kids to ride a bike, and the cost starts to seem much more reasonable!


The Strider 14x Sport Bike currently comes in 2 colors: blue and green. 

Designed to Fit

Specifically designed for a child’s proportions, shorter crank arms make pedaling easier. We also designed the 14x to fit better between the rider’s hips. Its narrow design gives your child an easier and more powerful pedal stroke. A comfortable bike promotes instant success.

Grows with Your Child

The 14x is designed to grow with your child, which means it always fits. The 14x comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, and it seamlessly transitions from a balance bike to a pedal bike. This easy transition builds confidence, provides instant success, and means a better value for parents.

Why It Works

The low center of gravity gives your child complete control. It’s low enough that it teaches children how to stride and pedal effectively, while allowing them to put their feet on the ground whenever he/she wants. The narrow pedals make striding to gain momentum and pedaling with confidence a breeze.

For Parents

The Strider 14x is your ticket to the Strider Family. Join the millions of parents who have watched their child become more confident and independent while learning to ride. The Strider 14x has been designed to grow with your child (fits inseams 40 - 58 cm [16 - 23 in]), and the included Learn-to-Ride material puts you in control of the best process available for teaching your child to ride. This change comes from breaking riding down into a progression, a simple series of steps, each step building on the one that came before it. This progression creates a strong foundation that opens a world of opportunity to future riders. Once children learn to balance, they gain confidence. With that confidence comes the drive and the need to explore, create, participate, and compete. It’s on this strong foundation a lifelong passion for riding can be created. It all comes back to learning the fundamentals, step-by-step, which is where our Learn-To-Ride Guides come in. Strider wants every child to find success, joy, and adventure on two wheels. To help parents make sure their kids find this success on two wheels, the Stride Guide and Pedal Guide are available to every Genuine Strider owner.

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