Top 10 Places to Take the Family on Rainy Days

Winter weather can bring opportunities for fun, or it can mean you are stuck in the house with cranky kids. Tired of being cooped up in the house on cold, rainy days? There are plenty of fun places to take your kids that will keep them busy and help you have fun as a family! Check out our top 10 ideas of places to go on rainy days and let me know which one is your favorite.
Free Options
1. Visit the local library. Check out books/magazines/videos, use the computers, attend a story time. 2. Visit and play with the adoptable animals at your local shelter or Humane Society. You may even find your next best friend! 3. Walk around the mall. Many malls have children's playgrounds you can camp out at and gab with other moms. If not, take a stroller for the little ones and walk around playing "I spy" while looking in the windows. You do not have to spend any money, if you stay out of the stores. 4. Call a friend and see if you can bring your kids over to their house for a play date. You will get out of the house, and you can talk to another adult. You can offer to host the playdate next time! 5. Tour the history center or a local museum. Check out special exhibits and find out about upcoming events they might be hosting. *Some museums have admission fees, so check ahead*
Paid Options
6. Find your local children's museum if you have one. Let your kids explore and play pretend and make a mess without you having to worry so much about having toys all over your house. 7. Go roller skating or ice skating. Even little kids (check age requirements at your local rink) can have fun doing this with the new "walkers" they have out now. Indoor ice skating rinks are also popular all year round. 8. Go swimming at an indoor pool. Take your mind off of the water coming out of the sky, and swim in water in the pool! Your local YMCA is a good place to check. 9. Take a trip to the bowling alley/arcade. Play laser tag, do a few rounds of bowling, hang out in the arcade, etc. 10. Go to the movie theater. Enjoy a movie and stay dry. Check for showtimes and even buy tickets ahead of time to avoid lines.

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