Top 10 Halloween Movies for Families with Kids

October is here, which means Fall weather, changing leaves, and Halloween! While the 13 Nights of Halloween are famous for their shows and movies, but not all of them are child appropriate. Some of them don’t even have anything to do with Halloween! So, here are 10 truly great Halloween movies for families and kids.

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The Halloween movies below are rated either G or PG with the exception of the Addams Family* which is PG-13. Regardless, always preview a movie before showing it to your kids (especially ones that fall into the Halloween Category).
Our Top 10 Halloween Movies for Families with Kids
1. Hocus Pocus – This a classic with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. A great comedy with a trio of 300-year- old witches taking on Halloween. 2. Ghost Busters – Who you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS! I’m talking about the 1989 originals, not the 2016 remake here. These are classics that kids today will even love! 3. Casper Meets Wendy – Casper the friendly ghost meets Wendy (a very young Hilary Duff!) and gets into all sorts of trouble! If your kids love this movie, there are a few other Casper Movies you can take advantage of. 4. The Addams Family* – Who doesn’t love to jokes from the Addams Family? This movie features Uncle Fester coming back from the Bermuda Triangle. There is also a second movie, The Addams Family Values. 5. Halloweentown – This is a huge Disney Channel Classic movie that is part Halloween and part comedy. When Marnie turns 13 she learns she is a witch, and decides to follow her adventure. This leads her to Halloweentown, where it is like Halloween all year long. If you child loves this movie, there is also a Halloweentown 2. 6. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Yes, I know it says Christmas, but when the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town wants to try scaring people during Christmas, it’s the perfect cross over film! The whole family will be singing the catchy songs from this title. 7. The Haunted Mansion – This is the one where Eddie Murphy takes his family to a haunted mansion and they have to help the ghosts break the curse on the house. Lots of funny problems ensue! 8. Spookly the Square Pumpkin – This movie has such a great story line, when a square pumpkin is teased for not being “normal” he has to learn that it’s good to be different. His friends Edgar, Allen, and Poe help teach Spookly (and your kids!) a lesson we all need to remember! 9. Hotel Transylvania Trilogy–

Hotel Transylvania: Hotel Transylvania is a resort for monsters and their families to get away from the human world. In this first movie, Dracula gets the hotel all set up for his daughter’s birthday, when a human wonders in OH NO!

Hotel Transylvania 2: Dracula is worried that his half human grandson isn't going to grow into his vampire side. While Mavis and Johnny are away, Drac decides to take matters into his own hands.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Dracula and his family decide to take a summer vacation away from the hotel, and end up on a monster cruise ship. Hilarity ensues with this wild group of monsters letting loose on vacation.

10. Double, Double Toil and Trouble – Remember all of the old Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies? This is the Halloween one, and the best one in my opinion. They try to save their home in time for Halloween and lots of funny mishaps happen along the way!
What are your favorite family friendly Halloween movies to watch?
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