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Hi, I’m Tara! It's a Meaningful Life is a resource for tips on making every moment count, through family travel, parenting tips, entertainment, recipes, exercise, and more. I have 2 children and we currently live outside of Montgomery. Contact Me:
I'm Tara, a former Elementary School Teacher, turned Stay-At-Home Mom of two. I have always loved writing and sharing my opinion, so blogging was an obvious outlet for me. I enjoy helping others, especially animals and children who can't help themselves. My mother calls me "St. Francis the 2nd" because of my big heart for animals and the fact that I always seem to be rescuing or working with abandoned pets. I love all things Disney, and am a big kid at heart. I also enjoy working out, running, reading, and traveling with my family. My mission is to enjoy the big moments and make memories in the every day. My son, "Spunk," is the oldest of my two children and he is also a miniature version of myself. He is smart, active, and very social. He definitely hasn't ever met a stranger, and loves being the center of attention. He excels at most everything he does and loves to try new things. His interests range across the board: sports, the arts, reading, school, video games, music, animals. You name it, and he probably likes something about it. My daughter, "Sassy," is the youngest of my children but has her own personality and knows how to get her opinion across. She is very caring and loves snuggling with her mommy. Already detail oriented and smart, she is born to be a leader. Sassy is a bit of a tomboy (she tries to follow in her brother's footsteps) and also has diverse interests: sports, books, school, animals, music, singing, dancing.
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